Shipping & Return

What will be included in the package I receive?
Your package should include: all the clothing items you purchased, an invoice detailing your purchases for verification, a 'Return and Exchange Instruction' sheet, and a small tape measure as a complimentary gift.

What should I be aware of when placing an order?
Before confirming your order, please ensure all your order information is correct, such as size and model. Additionally, ensure the accuracy of your delivery information, including the correct street address, house number, apartment number, postal code, city, state/province, phone number, and email address. After submitting your order, you will typically receive an order confirmation email. Please double-check all the aforementioned details in the confirmation email. If you find anything that needs to be corrected, contact us within 2 hours. Within the first two hours after placing your order, you can modify any information or cancel the order. After two hours, you will no longer be able to modify the order details. However, you can change your delivery contact information up until you receive the shipping notification email. For significant or unclear orders, our customer service team will proactively send you an email to confirm the order details, so please respond promptly. Finally, 90% of our orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Can i cancel / amend my order?
You can cancel or amend your order within 2 hours upon placing your order. To cancel or amend your order, please email us at for us to process them for you. Unfortunately, any orders past 2 hours will be registered onto our system and we will not be able to cancel them.

Can you do next day shipping or expedient shipping?
We do not offer expedited shipping services. All orders are shipped for free and are processed uniformly. Therefore, if you have specific needs, please plan and place your order in advance. Our order processing time is 1 nature day, and the shipping time is 7-13 nature days. If you do not receive your package within 14 natural days, 2% of the total order amount will be refunded for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 30%. If you still haven't received the product within 30 natural days, or if the tracking information shows no update for 15 days, you have the option to either receive a full refund or to have us reship the order at no additional cost. For reshipping, you'll need to reconfirm your address with us. Of course, we will still provide the agreed upon compensation for the delay .

How can I track my order after placing it?
Generally, you will receive a shipping notification email a day after placing your order. By clicking on 'Track My Order' within the email, you can view the logistics information for your order.

What addresses do you not accept?
We do not accept APO, FPO, DPO, PO BOX addresses. Also, some remote areas are not eligible for delayed refund services, If you are not sure for this, you can send us an email to confirm.

Which carrier do you use to send my package?
Varies by country. In the USA, we primarily use USPS, and in the UK, Royal Mail. Other countries have different carriers.

How do I know if my order payment was successful?
As soon as your payment is successful, we send an order confirmation email. You can also log into your account on our website and check under 'Account - My Orders.' If you can’t find your order, it might have failed; please contact us immediately for assistance. If your payment fails, don't worry, the money will usually be automatically refunded to you quickly.

Can I add more products to my order after placing it, or do I need to place a new order?
Sorry, you will need to place a new order. If two orders are placed within a few hours of each other, you can email us to request combined shipping; otherwise, we will ship the orders separately.

It’s been over 2 hours since I placed my order, and I still haven't received a confirmation email. Can I get a refund?
Our products are not pre-printed; printing is arranged after an order is placed. Generally, customers can cancel their orders within 2 hours. After 2 hours, we begin the printing process, and orders can’t be canceled. Please promptly verify the details in your order confirmation email. If there are any inaccuracies, such as incorrect size, color, or print placement, email us immediately. Our company operates 24/7 in three shifts, including weekends, so your email will be promptly addressed. As long as you notify us within 2 hours of placing the order, we will generally assist you, including correcting order details or modifying your delivery information.

After I cancel my order, how long will it take to receive a refund?
Typically, once we approve your cancellation request, you will receive a refund from PayPal within 3 business days. If you haven't received it after 3 business days, please contact us.

How do you usually track shipping information, and can I use the APP "Shop"?
Within 12-48 hours of placing your order, you will receive a shipping email containing detailed shipping information, such as the logistics company, tracking number, and a tracking link. You don't need to download Shop to track it. Our company uniformly use Aftership for tracking and follow-up.

What should I do if I can't find or it's not working with my order number?
Typically, the package is updated promptly during transit. You can track your package on [our website] using your tracking number. If you have any questions about your package, please feel free to contact us at so we can provide further assistance with your order.

If I have already received the shipping notification email, can I still modify the order and delivery information?
Sorry, once you receive the shipping notification email, it means your package has already been dispatched, and we cannot ask the shipping company to single out and return your package from thousands of others. Such an operation would be too costly. Of course, if your address is indeed incorrect, please pay close attention to the tracking link we sent you. When your order is out for delivery, you can directly contact the shipping company to arrange for pickup, ensuring you still receive your package. However, once the package is shipped, ownership transfers to you, and we cannot ask the shipping company to change the delivery address. Therefore, you must promptly contact the shipping company to change the address or pick it up from the post office yourself.

I checked your shipping information, and if it hasn't been updated for a while, does that mean the package is lost?
There can be many reasons for this, including the package being lost or delayed due to force majeure. If you're concerned, you can email us, and we will verify the specific reasons with our carrier. Of course, according to our policy, if there are no updates for more than 15 days, you have the right to choose not to wait and either get a direct refund or ask us to resend the package.

I checked the shipping information and it shows that delivery failed. What should I do?
In our shipping notification email, there's a link for you to directly check the latest shipping information. Please pay close attention to the status of your order's delivery. If the shipping information you see shows 'delivery failed' instead of just not being updated for a long time, you need to promptly contact the relevant courier company with the tracking number we provided to retrieve your package. Common reasons for delivery failure include 'insufficient address', 'without number', 'no one answer', etc. If you cannot retrieve your package within a week, it will be returned to our warehouse.

What should I do if my package is shown as returned to the sender?
If your package is marked as returned to sender, it may be due to incorrect address, no one available to receive it, or it being actively returned for other reasons. You should contact us promptly so we can verify the specific cause. If it's due to an incorrect address, we'll ask you to provide a new address and charge a 50% reshipping fee. If you actively chose to return the package, please provide the specific reasons, and we will opt for a full refund.

What should I do if the package is marked as received, but I haven't actually received it?
In such cases, we follow a well-established process designed to balance customer satisfaction and prevent potential fraud. The process is as follows:
1,If you haven't received the product, please contact us immediately. We first verify the accuracy of the delivery information provided by the courier company (checking tracking information: we initially review the package tracking details provided by the courier to confirm the delivery status). If we confirm your address is correct and there are no errors in the logistics information, we will provide you with the shipping details and the courier company's contact information. You can directly contact the courier to inquire if there are more detailed delivery information or potential misdeliveries (sometimes, courier tracking systems might erroneously show a package as delivered when it's still in transit).
2,Communication with the customer: Please check your mailbox, security cameras, or ask neighbors to confirm if the package was mistakenly placed elsewhere, hidden in a spot you might not easily find, or taken by a pet to an inconspicuous location.
3,Refund or Reshipment: If we determine that the customer indeed did not receive the goods, they can choose reshipment (but only of the same size and item; changes are not permitted). We place a high emphasis on customer experience, and typically lean towards trusting the customer's account.
4,We firmly believe that a customer-centric approach is crucial for earning a good reputation and customer loyalty. At the same time, we continuously strive to improve our logistics and customer service systems to minimize the occurrence of such issues.

How do I go about exchanging an item I received, and how long will a reshipment take?
If you receive clothes that need to be exchanged, such as due to incorrect sizing, there's no need to send the product back to us. Simply follow the 'Return and Exchange Instruction' sheet included in the package, cut a piece of the clothing, take a photo, and email us your exchange request. We will immediately reship the item. The shipping time for reshipments is the same as regular orders, and you should receive it within 14 days. Reshipments also qualify for delayed delivery compensation.

If I receive a product and just want a refund because I don’t like it, what should I do, and how long will it take to get my money back?
If you receive clothes and decide you simply don’t like them and want a refund, there's no need to return the product to us. Just follow the instructions on the 'Return and Exchange Instruction' sheet included in the package, cut a piece of the clothing, take a photo, and send it to us. After verifying your information, we will issue an immediate refund through PayPal. Typically, we notify PayPal to process the refund right away, and it should not take more than 3 business days. If you haven’t received it after 3 business days, please contact us, and we will follow up with PayPal.

If I want to return a product, can you send me a return label?
We have a better method for returns and exchanges. Please refer to the 'Return and Exchange Instruction' sheet included in our package.

Do you have a local return address? What is the return address on the package?
The return address on the package is our carrier's overseas warehouse address. If you don't prefer to cut off the back neck label for a direct refund, you can also choose to pay for the shipping to return the product to the address on the package. Once our carrier receives it, they will consolidate and return it to our warehouse in Bangladesh for processing. It might take about 15 business days to receive a full refund after we receive the package.

Can I donate the clothes to someone in need?
It's commendable that you would consider such an action, and we fully support donating our clothes to charitable organizations like Goodwill. However, due to cost considerations, we cannot offer a full refund in this case. We can refund 50% as a reward for your contribution to charity. We hope you understand. Ideally, we encourage you to measure your chest and waist and select clothes in your preferred fit before purchasing to minimize unnecessary waste and returns.

If I receive a defective product but it's acceptable to me, can I request some compensation instead of a reshipment or cutting the product for a full refund?
Your idea is very reasonable and something we can accommodate. Generally, if you can accept minor flaws, such as a stain that can be washed off, we can negotiate a refund of up to 30% of the total order amount as compensation for the inconvenience.

If I find a problem after using the product, can I still get a refund?
If you notice significant color fading or print peeling after washing, please provide photographic evidence. You can still receive a refund of up to 50% for the affected product.

How long do I have to return or exchange an item after receiving it without using it?
After receiving the product, you have a 30-day window to opt for a return or exchange, provided that the item hasn't been worn for an extended period or washed.